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How To Play:

You don’t have to enter the contest to participate in our research.

  1. Find your partner(s): Decide who will be stationary and who will be at the mobile site
  2. Choose your location: Find an interesting location and/or activity to share.
  3. Choose software: Whether you use Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Vidyo both participants need to have accounts with the same video conferencing call software.  The mobile person needs to have the software loaded on their cell phone.
  4. Prepare to videotape (required for contest)To videotape the session the stationary person needs to have additional video recording software loaded. See below. In addition to, or instead of the video call, the mobile person can videotape the tour and share it with the stationary person.
  5. Take your tour: The mobile person calls the stationary participant on their video-conference line and gives them a tour of the location.*
  6. Complete the survey located hereOnce you’ve finished the experience, go to the link and complete the 5 min. survey.
  7. Share the videos: Post any videos you captured on YouTube and send us the link.

*If the network connection fails or the call drops the mobile person can videotape the tour of the location and share the video with the stationary person.

How to win $200

The Polly team will select the FIVE teams with the most creative, fun uses based on:

  • A written description of the experience
  • A videotape of the fixed viewer’s experience posted on Youtube (send us the url).
  • Still photos and/or videotape that show the mobile person in the location on the video call

To win, both team members must complete a 5 min. survey – you will get a link to the survey when you sign up.

Hot tip: We’re particularly interested in hearing and seeing stories in which somebody who’s immobilized has an experience they wouldn’t be able to have otherwise. For example:

How To Videotape Your Call:

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