Henry Evans

3fdc8688f5d3ef5267fd8b97e59824cfa2a68c6b_254x191-1In 2003, Henry Evans became quadriplegic and mute after a stroke-like attack. Now, working with Robots for Humanity, he’s a pioneer in adaptive robotic tech to help him, and other disabled people like him, navigate the world. Robots for Humanity (R4H) is about using technology to extend capabilities, fill in weaknesses, and let people perform at their best. Henry is helping us test and refine Polly.

The Firebird Robotics Team

2013-MediaThe Firebird Robotics Team was founded in 2010 by a group of 13 Fremont High students. They are dedicated to fostering a passion in science and technology within their community. We are working with eight students from the club are helping us conduct research on Polly.


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