How To Participate

Share an experience with somebody using a video call and tell us about it. 

Do you have a friend on the other side of the world that would like to see where you live, work, or play? Or maybe your nephew is sick in the hospital and wants to go to the zoo. We want you to team up and find the most satisfying way of sharing an experience of a place or event together. You might try using a video call like Skype and giving each other a guided tour or you might try videotaping the experience and sharing it afterwards. Whatever you do, we want to hear about it.

If you already use video calls to see remote places and events we want to hear your stories. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey describing your experience. We know surveys are a drag, but this one’s short and we really appreciate your help!

General Instructions:

You don’t have to enter the contest to participate in our research. We appreciate all the help we can get.

  1. Find your partner(s): Decide who will be at the fixed location and who will be at the mobile site
  2. Sign Up: The form is on the right margin.
  3. Choose your location: Find an interesting location and/or activity to share.
  4. Choose software: Both participants need to have accounts with the same video conferencing call software (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or Vidyo). The mobile person needs to have the software loaded on their cell phone or tablet.
  5. Take your tour: The mobile person calls the stationary participant on their video-conference line and gives them a tour of the location.*
  6. Complete the survey. You will get a link to a 5 min. survey when you sign up.
  7. Share the videos: Post any videos you captured on YouTube and send us the link.

*If the network connection fails or the call drops the mobile person can videotape the tour of the location and share the video with the stationary person after the tour.

What You Get:

  • The fun of the experience itself
  • That special feeling that you contributed to research
  • Ideas and inspiration from other users about more fun experiences you can have
  • The opportunity to connect with other people who might want to give you a tour or take a tour with you


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